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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

just another day

so today was my birthday..was a great day until he came home and ruined it the past 7 years. i dont know why i expect something different every year. but once again he figures out a way to ruin anything good. surprise surprise.

on a side note...sophia is now 2 and more beautiful and smart than ever! baby boy is growing great and is due any day now. hopefully sooner than later. i cant wait til he is here. as stressful as it is being a stay at home mom, i wouldnt change it for the world. i love my babies more than anything. i cant imagine my world without them...he is going to be so welcomed. sophia will be the best big sister. i know we will have our ups and downs but we will overcome those lows and live in those highs. :)
happy birthday to me. woo.

it has been a long time since i wrote on this..just seemed like i should update a little not that it was much but that i needed to get it out. everybody is sleeping and this is my only resource for venting at the moment.
the end.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Potty training

We are potty training. At 20 months, Butterbean is ready! We started last week on Wednesday and she only had 2 accidents that day! Thursday was a diaper day because friends were over and she was too excited to pee :P. Friday-Monday she did great with only 1 accident every day and then finally yesterday she had NO(!!!!!!!) accidents! Even during her 2 hour nap and 45 minute drive home! She is sooo close! I'm hoping our move isnt going to set her back. We'll see!

Everyone has been asking me what I am doing to potty train. I started when she was little, like 4 or 5 months (she could sit up) putting her on the toilet randomly throughout the day until she was about 1, which I think made her like the toilet. Then at 1 I started letting her run around naked and letting me know when she had to potty, at that point she wasn't ready but she did tell me WHEN she was peeing. This time I did the same thing, let her run around naked, and told her no pee pee on the carpet. So now everytime she has to pee she goes "no pee pee!!" She has done great! I told myself I wouldn't reward her with toys or treats when she went potty but I got too excited and started doing an m&m everytime. She also loves the flushing part. She is doing great!
Next step is at night time! which I have heard is the hardest! shouldn't be with her tho since she already wakes up all night long.

Also, I am currently 22 weeks pregnant!! No pictures right now but let me just tell you, I look like there is a basketball under my shirt. Baby boy is moving around lots now! He seems to be happier when Sophia isn't jumping on me which I totally understand, I too am much happier when I don't have knees and elbows in my face!

We also are moving!! We found a 4 bedroom house for just a couple bucks more than we pay for our 2 bedroom apartment! Today is our first official day! Pretty exciting! :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Trip to Florida

We visited my grandparents in Naples, Fl recently. We had such a great are many many pictures to show some of the amazing moments we experienced. Enjoy!

watching the airplanes ready to start our vacation!! 
First plane ride! 
Naple's pier 
In the butterfly house at the Garden Park

Garden park splash pad

Our first hurricane! 
and then off to the beach we went to enjoy the beautiful waves!

Sophia's first sand castle!

at the Naple's zoo watching the monkeys

Sunset with her Great Grandma

last sunset of the trip

At the airport ready to go home!
 We had a great time and can't wait to go back and visit! It's nice to be home tho!